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Xentrics Squids After-school Program

Xentrics Squids program is an after-school program which aims to shape the youth into better Electronic Sports (esports) players through teaching them various tips and tricks that would help them in esport games. Participating students won't only benefit in a gaming manner but in a futuristic curriculum that focuses on building their social skills that may benefit them in the future and shape them as leaders and professional communicators.

The program is to be a major helping factor in making the general youth more knowledgeable and skillful in esports through working with a professional lecturer and coach who would hone the students’ skills and increase their capabilities in both the gaming and the social aspect of their lives.


The participating youth will not only gain an advantage in competitive gaming, but they will be taught a lot of life lessons which aligns with Esports such as Teamwork, Social Skills, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Managing Success and Failure, Time Management, and Pro-Social Values.

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Ward AlGahtani

The instructor

A Gamer since childhood. Ward has been a professional esports player/coach for more than 12 years. He has achieved professional status in many different games and genres, a special type of gamer.

#Counter-Strike 1.6 Accomplishments:-
- GameNet 2008 LAN Tournament - 1st place
- ProGamer 2008 Online Tournament - 2nd place
- ProGamer 2009 Online Tournament - 1st place
- JeeL 2009 Online Tournament - 1st place
- GameNet 2009 LAN Tournament - 1st place
- GameNet 2010 LAN Tournament - 1st place
- MaghaNET 2010 Online Championship - 1st Place
- MadridHouse 2011 LAN Weekly Tournament - 1st Place
- NESMA 2011 Online Friendly Championship#2 - 1st Place
- ELITE 2011 Online Tournament#3 - 3rd Place
- GameNET 2011 Online FriendlyChampionship#1 - 3rd Place
- Kolompiana & NESMA 2011 LAN Championship#1 - 1st Place

- GameNET 2011 Online Championship - 1st Place
- Startimes 2012 Online Championship - 1st Place
- GameNET 2012 Online Championship#2 - 2nd Place
- U43 2012 Summer Online Tourney#3 - 1st place

#Counter-Strike Source Accomplishments:-

- uGamers Online 2010 Tournament - 3rd Place

- MadridHouse LAN Weekly Tournament (2011) 1st Place

- GameNET Ramdan LAN Tournament (2011) 1st Place

- GameNET Work Online Tournament (2012) 1st Place

- WarcraftChampionShip Online (2012) 1st Place

- GameNET LAN GameNET& Lipton Arabia Championship 2012 1st Place

- GameNET LAN URC Ramdan (2012) 1st Place

- Jeddah LAN Event (2012) 1st Place


#League of Legends Accomplishments:-

- Que Club & ESEgypt League of Legends Online Cup (2013) 1st Place


#Fortnite Accomplishments:- 

-Fortnite Summer Tournament (2018) 1st Place

The sessions we offer are twice a week with a professional coach, a complete PC gaming setup, in a private safe area, with other participants to build up teamwork and social skills.

For 600 Saudi Riyals a month (2 sessions a week)

Current Sessions:

Team 1: Sunday, Tuesday [ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm ]

Team 2: Monday, Wednesday [ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm ]

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For Bookings and questions about the program kindly contact us through an E-mail at  or through 0535511566  - Nejad Hashim – Program Manager.

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