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All our PCs and monitors are esports ready.

  • We have a combined number of 230 state of the art gaming PCs that will allow you to run any game at the highest resolution and a stable 144 hz refresh rate to match our monitors.

  • Two state of the art locations designed to be the perfect environment for an esports player.

  • PC home rental service, we will deliver a perfect gaming experience right to your door.

With more than 400 unique daily users we can provide
advertisement for brands at any of our centers in the form of:

  • Product experience corner.

  • Pop-up video on our PC login screens.

  • Wall branding at Xentrics Gaming esports centers.

  • Video walls within Xentrics Gaming esports centers.


We can organize tournaments in-house at (Xentrics Gaming) or we can host a tournament anywhere within the kingdom.

  • We provide up to 230 esports ready PCs and monitors(144hz).

  • Full streaming equipment and the staff required to operate it.

  • Full bracket and seeding management.

  • Spread across appropriate social media channels and

  • We have a team of esports tournament organizers.

  • Professional esports live commentating (casting).


We can host a league in-house at (Xentrics Gaming) for
any specified duration.

  • Will be streamed fully with live commentary and will be archived.

  • Bracket and stats management.

  • Enforce any league standards required by any specific entity.


We host our own tournaments and league, and we
can also provide a league to be used as a qualifier for
bigger tournaments.


As former esports pro players, we know what it takes
to create and sustain a top performing esports team.

  • Scouting services, we can scout top-level players
    for any of the major games and help organizations
    create a solid roster.

  • Find, interview and hire the right esports coach.

  • Host and house esports teams in our facilities.

  • Giving them their own space where they can discuss
    and practice their strategies.

  • Consultation, we will help you make sure every
    decision you make is the right one.

Management, we can handle the esports side of the
team and make sure they perform to the best of
their abilities. We will handle everything from
creating the roaster to scheduling practices and
skirmishes and everything else.

We can design, plan, source and run your esports center.
Esports centers come in many shapes and forms,
such as:

  • Large scale esports center: 50 - 250 gaming PCs and
    other activities such as a stage.

  • Small scale esports center: 15 - 45 gaming PCs
    suitable for professional esports teams.

  • Temporary esports center: 15 - 150 gaming PC,
    typically used during events.

Our services include:

  • Designing and establishing an esports facility to your

  • needs and goals.

  • Running and managing an esports center.

  • Renting our own esports centers.

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